Canopy Tents are must for Construction Sites

When we look around, we see a lot of constructions and development. There is constant development in India at various sectors like Roads, Railways, Highway, Metro stations, buildings. When we see the workers working so hard, the questions that pop up in our minds is what about their safety ? Are they guarded well. Is there enough protection around these sites. We at Adapt Affairs have come up with a unique product called gazebo canopy tent which can be used as shed at the construction sites and can also be used to protect from stones dropping at these sites.

5 years ago, Adapt affairs came across an article about 4 construction workers passing away as a big cement slab fell on them via crane. It was heart breaking incident. After much brain storming, it struck that a canopy tent can help us protect these workers and their lives by some extent.

Outdoor tents of big size are used as shed and protecting layer on sites. They are portable and can act as a safety equipment in case of accidents of heavy items falling from above. The stones or cement slabs dropping from the top will not come in direct contact with the workers and will protect them if they are under our gazebo tents. Also these gazebos can provide shed and protect from rains as well as harmful UV rays.

Construction work is usually delayed for many reasons amongst which one of the main reasons is weather conditions. So here’s a solution to avoid such delays and the continue work without any hurdles.  Gazebo tent is an ideal choice for construction sites as it offers a heavy duty canopy which protects workers from the elements. It is an economical solution to provide shelter from the sun and rain, while also providing a safe and secure place to store equipment and materials.

Gazebo tents at construction site are the perfect solution for these problems as these tents are portable, foldable, and temporary structures and are time and money saving as well. It becomes more convenient as its time consuming putting up a gazebo hardly takes 5 minutes to install and this can easily be done with the help of two adults. And as it’s portable you can reuse it and carry easily from one place to other. The best thing of the gazebo tents is that it can be used in all-weather condition like in summers it protects you from the Sunlight as it is UV proof and during monsoon you can use these tents as its waterproof.

We have Gazebo tents with different size with different qualities ranging from light to heavy. You can choose the tents according to your specification which fulfils your requirement. Heavy-duty gazebo is more recommended for construction site are it can withstand windy and rains. Gazebo tents provide shelter and are easy to use and carry out the activity.

Gazebo tents can be widely used on a construction site for many purposes some of the followings are examples of gazebo tents used on construction site:

1) Shelter for workers:
Gazebo tents provide shelter for worker. By providing shelter to workers, this type of gazebo tent can ensure a safe working environment and reduce risk with working in harsh weather conditions.

2) Shelter for machinery and material:
You can use gazebo tents to protect the machinery as well the material to avoid damages .You can choose a smaller size as it is space consuming and is ideal for storing material.

3) Shelter for clients:
Making clients comfortable is our responsibility on construction site clients comes to visit the site and discuss. Clients get irritate due to sunlight and rains.

We also have customization available in Gazebo tents  like we have options for covers and printing you can purchase the side walls as per your need and we provide with the facility of branding where in you can  get customised branding on the tent which helps in promotion also . Using gazebo tents is best choice anyone can opt for as it a multiple used product for different purpose.          

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