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When you think of a shed, all we think about is a traditional tarpaulin shed over our heads to enjoy the outdoors. Isn’t it a task to find one and put up a permanent tarpaulin sheet which not only spoils the aesthetics of your place but is one expensive affair. What if I tell you that I have a perfect product for you which is not only beautiful and economical but it will not spoil your outdoor aesthetic.

Gazebo tents are the best solution if you need an outdoor shed. These portable tents are can be used as temporary shed. Canopy tents like these can be easily put away when not in use. Best part of these outdoor canopy tents is that they are foldable and take up very less space.

These are dome shaped tents and available in different sizes, colours and quality. Sizes available in outdoor tents are 6.5 x 6.5 feet, 10 x 10 feet, 10 x 15 feet and 10 x 20 feet.

2 x 2 meter and 3 x 3 meter tents have a triangular dome shape canopy top cover whereas the 3 x 4.5 meter and 3 x 6 meter tents have a rectangular shape canopy top cover at the top. The fabric that we have used for the canopy tents are water proof and UV resistant which is most suitable for Indian weather. We have even made sure that the fabric is self-cooling and doesn’t generate heat while sitting inside the tent.

These tents are used for both personal as well as commercial purposes. They are often used by clients all over India for their lawns, bungalows, farm houses, terraces. They can be used over parties to create a sitting area for your guest. Some times they can also be used as decorative food counters by placing table below the tents.

Speaking of commercial purposes, these portable gazebo tents are widely used by companies all over India and globe for offline branding and promotional activities. As we also provide a customised branding on the tents by printing your company name, company logo and company contact details. All you need to do is open the tent where you plan to brand your product so that on lookers can view your brand which creates a effect much more impactful then online promotions.

These tents are highly used by automobile companies, sports companies, event houses, wedding and catering companies etc.

Adapt Affairs tents are strong and a utility product. Heavier tents are used successfully at construction sites, factory outlets and regions which are windy or with extreme climatic conditions.

We are proud to tell that we are the biggest company in India who provides gazebo tents to the Indian army, navy and air force of India. We have a strong networking and dedicated team through out the country where we can deliver the tents to maximum pin codes of India through our dedicated courier partners.

We were quite apprehensive before launching this product in Indian markets as people were still used to the traditional awning and tarpaulin ways of creating a shed. We were surprised by the demand of these folding tents in Indian markets not only from city but remote areas as well.

We are so proud to inform you that we have provided our gazebo tents to police officials and hospitals in India when the entire globe was hit with covid. Adapt Affairs is proud that it could help the front-line workers by providing them shed in scorching heat as well as rains.

If you are searching for a proper shed over your head which is cheap and east to use, your search ends here at Adapt Affairs.


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