How Promotional Flag Changed the Sales of a 2-Wheeler Bike Company at a Remote Location of India

We are about to share a true event and truly a life changing decision made by a dealer who owned a 2-wheeler bike showroom in a remote location of small town in Andhra Pradesh. 2 years back our company, Adapt Affairs came across a client named VN Kutty from Andhra Pradesh. He wanted to promote his big showroom in a small town of Andhra Pradesh. He owned 2- wheeler bikes of several brands like royal Enfield, Honda, TVS, KTM etc. Being a bike dealer in India is an expensive affair. With a huge showroom opened from past 6 to 7 months and with no or less footfall, Mr. VN Kutty thought of spending a huge amount in marketing and advertisement.

In the age of digital world, any amount spent on social media ads or digital ads are less. All he wanted was the locals to purchase 2 – wheeler bike from his showroom. Some times a task that simple becomes difficult to achieve. Our founder advised him to spend Rs.20,000 instead of lakhs and make promotional sharkfin flags.

Mr. Kutty thought it was not worth to spend on feather flags but owning to the amount he still thought of giving it a try. He quickly purchased 5 feather flags with cross pipes and water base for Royal Enfield brand. He placed the 12 feet heighted angled flag outside the showroom.


Guess what happened. The footfall increased by 120%. Locals who were not aware of a 2-wheeler showroom in their town got the word about it in 5 days. People started seeing the advertising flags outside the showroom and started spreading the word. Mr. Kutty’s sales increased by 75%. Not only were expenses curbed but the amount spent in making these promotional flags were meaningful and effective.

Promotional Sharkfin flags or Tear Drop flags are the most effective marketing took for regional promotions. Promotional flags are like hoardings which create a visual memory in our minds and stays for a longer duration. This is the best way of marketing any new product or service in any business.

Later Mr. kutty purchased more 20 flags of TVS, KTM and displayed the same outside his showroom. Promotional flags are light weighted and can be easily carried from one location to another. The printing can be done on single side or both sides. Frame used in the 12 feet feather flags is made up of metal and is MS powder coated. The fabric used in the advertising flags is of satin which can sway easily with the direction of the wind.

The maximum size used in our tear drop flag, sharkfin flag, angled flag or feather flag is 12 feet. Height of these flags can be adjusted. Minimum Size of the flag is 8 feet. After the success story of Mr. VN Kutty’s bike showroom, we have provided more than 1000 + promotional flags to all over India. We have not only successfully delivered our display flags to 2 – wheeler automobile showrooms but also to car dealers, tempo dealers and e -bikes.

Not always the marketing amount to be spent by a company needs to be high, but it needs to be wise and effective as well. Promotional flags are not only used by bike or car showrooms, but they are heavily used by shopkeepers, salon owners, restaurants, cafes, beach, service shops, mobile companies and many more.

If Mr. kutty can create a success story, what is stopping you? You can contact us on 9167885462 for more details. To Know more about the product please click on the below links

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