Top Things to Look for in a Promotional Canopy or a Gazebo Tent

While promoting offline, the businesses employ different kinds of merchandise. Gazebo tent or promotional tent is one of those. This tent provides a wider view of the world around while securing the users from extreme climate conditions like heat of the afternoon. The main motive of using Gazebo tent is to set the promotional canopy; a temporary place used to provide information about the business to the visitors or passers-by.

Though small, buying a Gazebo tent is a considerable investment. To extract the best from the tent, it is advisable to pay attention to the following features:

  • Easy to set up: A promotional canopy is designed in such a way that it can be handled by a single person. It is quite light in weight and has a straightforward installation procedure. The instructions to open and install the promotional gazebo tent are quite simple and can be carried out without external support. Thus, the promotional campaign can be managed at a low cost as fewer people are employed for the purpose.
  • Space for providing information: The gazebo tent has three side panels, fascia and a backdrop. These spaces are useful for providing information about the product, service or campaign to the onlookers. The users can print the business information, tagline, brand name and logo, etc. on these spaces. Thus, marketing of the brand, or business campaign becomes more meaningful with the relevant messages printed on the given space.
  • Suitable for both outdoors and indoors: Offline marketing requires the promoters to reach out to people physically at various venues. Canopy tents for business promotion are compatible with the features of various locations. These can be installed within the premises or in open area. You can find canopy tents installed at the malls, event venues, exhibitions, trade fairs, business centers, transport points like bus stand or railway station, metro station, etc.


This offsite touch point enhances reach of the business and is mostly used to collect leads or to distribute information such as contact details, running offers, how to become a member and others. The cold calls made for generating leads are changed to one-on-one meeting with the company representatives. It enhances the credibility of the business and creates value for the interacting entities.

  • Fully portable: The promotional canopy tent is made of foldable material. Only thing needed is the rods that connect with each other and provide a form to the canopy. Due to its foldable nature, the whole of the structure can be dismantled with ease. The frame and the printable material can be stuffed into the bag after folding. Thus, the users need not worry about how to carry and install. Instructions to fold and unfold are simple and the whole structure does not take more than a few minutes to install.
  • Weather-proof material: The canopies for promotion are to be used in open spaces. These are directly exposed to sunlight and heat. Such conditions become easier to withstand when the material used is entirely weather-proof. The canopy material should be water-proof, easy to wash and accommodating of printable spaces. All these features make the advertising tent Thus, you can repurpose the canopy tent as many times as desired and redesign it with a different printing material taken on flex or fabric.

To add to above, the height of the canopy tent is another point of consideration. Mostly, the height of the tent is kept 7 feet for easy occupying. The sizes available length x width wise are 6 by 6 and 4 by 4 which can be picked while keeping the people and materials in consideration.

Summing up,

Advertising tent or canopies offer a suitable advertising material that has deeper reach. The users of advertising canopies can easily depend on these owing to the comfort of use offered. Also, the companies are able to save on advertising cost as this material is reusable and is available at competitive rates. Find more about the canopy tents and their types when you have cost-effective solutions for offline promotions in mind.

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