Why Gazebo Tent is a must for School Grounds

Schools are an integral part of any child’s development. Now a days it's not only important to be academically skilful. It’s very important to be skilled in outdoor sports because that can develop a child’s overall personality. Earlier School had limited sports and events and focussed more on academics. With the changing times outdoor events, sports events, annual functions are equally important for a student and school. With an increase in outdoor activities at schools there is an increase in the demand for gazebo tents as outdoor shed in schools all over India.

Gazebo tents are widely used in schools, colleges. They are used on grounds, turfs, lawns for sports activities, annual flea functions, PTA meetings, marathons, shopping stalls, educational and annual booths as a shed and display counter.

Gazebo tents come in different sizes and colours. It’s a beautiful concept we came up with 5 years ago to provide schools with colourful tents displaying the different houses in schools namely Blue house representing Sky, Green House representing earth, Yellow House displaying Farms and Red House representing Fire. We are the first company in India to initiate the idea of coloured top covers for school with St. Marys High School in Shillong and Sainik School in Gopalganj.

Not only the canopy tents representing different houses, it is also possible to print school names along with house colours on the canopy. Different school members of the different houses can easily sit under our canopies representing their houses.

Gazebo canopy tents are foldable tents and can be stored away when not in use. Being UV resistant and waterproof in nature, these tents are a must in school. Not only that schools can save their costings by 70% by ditching the old pandals and traditional bamboo sheds every year.

These gazebo tents are reusable and can be used for many years without any hassles. Different sizes available in outdoor tents for schools are 6.5 x 6.5 feet, 10 x 10 feet, 10 x 15 feet and 10 x 20 feet. These tents are available in different qualities ranging from light duty to heavy duty depending on the requirement.

We have now started providing these tents to club houses, sports academies, cricket grounds, football groups, hockey grounds, Indian premier league in India. Outdoor tents are now widely used in schools to open up stalls. Kids and their parents can use these stalls easily to display their products or food stalls at cultural festivals in colleges or schools.

We often come across questions from school authorities asking for sustainability and working mechanism of these tents. Let me tell you these tents are the most sustainable and reusable product. I request you to check the below links to understand the working of the tents and also understand the product better.

For Schools: https://theadaptaffairs.com/collections/schools

Installation of 10 x 10 feet Tent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZrWY3BzvlM

Installation of 10 x 20 feet Tent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tne84a7ynw

Tents being UV resistant in nature can be used in scorching heats for kids to sit below it before their matches, exercises. These tents can also be used as changing rooms for girls by covering from all 4 sides. Our gazebos are widely used as storage spaces for water coolers, changing bags, other equipment’s easily. It is very easy to place table chair below these tents and protect from sun.

We at Adapt Affairs truly feel that gazebo tents are a vital product for schools, colleges or any open spaces in institutes. This product is a game changer for school outdoor activities. You no longer have to think about setting up traditional pandals and mandaps any paying extra lakhs every year.

Gazebo canopy tents are one stop solution and most durable, sustainable product for all schools, colleges and institutes in India.


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