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Branding and Promotions

Branding and Promotions

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Promotional Activities are carried out by all companies all over the globe. Now a days marketing your company brand is absolutely mandatory to create awareness. Along with digital branding in the virtual world, physical branding of the products has become very necessary. Promotional activities at a particular location guarantees more conversion and awareness.

How to promote brand in real ?

Promotional tents and promotional flags are used for branding to create greater impact in the minds of people. Canopy tents and flags have been widely used for roadside promotional activities, activities in mall, multiplexes, exhibitions, corporate meetings, expos etc. 

Moreover promotional tents and flags are multi use products. They are fold able and portable in nature making it easier to carry it from once place to another and using it multiple times. 

Which companies can use promotional tents and flags ?

Every company who has desire to create a brand and awareness for the longest of times can use tents and flags. Canopy tents and display flags are used by all the sectors like Automobiles, IT companies, Sports Academy, Schools, NGOs, Apparels, Pharmacy etc 

What kind of printing is possible ?

We help clients to create their customize tents and flags depending on the content to be printed taking in care of the budget. We provide printing on fascia, dome, side covers of the tent. 

We provide screen printing, digital printing and dye sublimation printing for tents and flags. Single color as well as multi color printing is possible for canopies and display flags.

What other products can be used for printing ?

There are various products that can be customized and used for activities like Adjustable banner stands, canopy, portable exhibition kits, roll up standees are also effective ways of displaying your products and brand.

Please check our menus for detailed pricing on various products. You can contact us on 9167885462 for pricing related to printing and design. 
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